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I'm an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati. My work typically appears in criminology and public policy research journals, and also in a recent book and in some popular news outlets. This is the only decent picture that I have at the time of this posting. My wife, Ashley, and I have two dogs and kayaks. (And Ashley says this picture is weird.)


University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal Justice


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UC Criminology

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    RT @economeager: My brother in Christ you are controlling for a mediator
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    @newmethos (With your duolingo streak intact.)
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    @newmethos Erin! Geeeeez. So glad this all ended well.
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    @cutsclothing ??? https://t.co/SJEXUJfWv8
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    RT @kirk_davids: Job alert @NuffieldCollege: Postdoc with a criminology focus. Details: (1) will sponsor visa, (2) definitely considering A…

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